• How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language

    Anyone who’s seen their dog be in a playful mood probably knows what the stance looks like — front legs resting on the ground, back legs up, happy panting. The downward dog position. We’ve also probably seen our pups roll over to be pet, paw at our legs when they want attention, and give us giant licks on the face. Without saying anything, we know exactly how our dog is feeling. But did you know there are a lot of smaller clues dogs give about their mood? If you want to understand your dog better or new dogs you meet, look for these telltale signs. 
  • Teething Troubles? There’s A Box for That

    Just like human babies, puppies also must go through a painful teething process. This experience can be tough on puppies and their parents. Puppies want to bite everything in sight to relieve their pain and keeping their mouths occupied requires the right tools and a little bit of training. It can be overwhelming to know what to do and how best to take care of your new adorable pup. But lucky for you, KONG Box has created a box that gives you everything you and your puppy need to get through this stage. 
  • Spaying and Neutering: Everything You Need to Know

    As your puppy grows, they go through a lot of hormonal changes. With this comes the question of when to fix your dog. This is an important decision to make and one that’s part of being a responsible dog owner. The only problem is, there’s a lot of information out there about when to spay or neuter your pup that can make it tough to know if you’re making the right choice. Here are a few factors to consider when you’re looking into neutering or spaying your dog. 
  • 6 Ways to Help Your Dog Enjoy Alone Time

    Canine companions are some of the best friends you’ll ever find. They love with their whole heart, are always excited to see you, and enjoy being wherever you are. But when you’re busy or simply can’t take your pup on outings, how do they react? Do they whine, bark, pace, or even get destructive? If your pup struggles to be alone, or if you want to set your new puppy up for success, there are several ways to help them learn to be independent and enjoy alone time. 

  • How to Stop Your Dog from Play Biting

    Feel like you are your puppy’s pin cushion? Kids afraid of the new puppy? You are not alone. 

    Puppy play biting is very common. It’s what puppies do. It’s actually a good thing to do - believe it or not. Puppy play biting actually gives us the opportunity to teach them “bite inhibition”. 

  • How to help your rescue dog feel more at home

    While the pandemic has had devastating effects on the world, one bright spot is that more pups have been adopted than ever before. Dogs of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds have joined new homes and begun their happily ever after's. Some of these dogs have been through a lot in their lives — they’ve been abandoned by families (sometimes multiple times), been abused, or been let down in other ways. They’re looking for, and are deserving, of permanent homes and pure love. 

  • How Big Will My Puppy Get?

    “Wow! What a beautiful puppy! Oh, he’s going to be a big boy! Just look at the size of those paws!” If you’ve recently brought a puppy home, congratulations! Secondly, if you didn’t get a look at its parents because they weren’t available or you adopted a rescue, then you may be wondering just what to expect in terms of its growth and ultimate size. It’s a reasonable and common question to encounter, and there are a lot of old legends and assumptions out there about how you should be able to tell how big your puppy will grow, based on things like what were just mentioned. Some of them contain a bit of truth, while others… well… they really don’t have much of anything to do with anything.

  • Dog Teething – Ideas To Make It Easier for Dogs and Their Humans

    Your little furry friend has come home and your entire family is euphoric. It’s a beautiful dog, it’s full of life, it’s patient with everyone, it’s incredibly playful… everything seems to be going well. It’s even learning to go outside when nature calls! It’s all falling into place – you’ve established a routine, you’re teaching your new family member commands and how to walk on a leash, and you’re starting to feel like you’ve got this whole “raising a dog” think pretty nailed down.

  • 5 Healthy Recipes to Stuff in Your Dog’s KONG

    Since 1970, KONG toys have been a household name for dog owners, and with good reason! Not only are many of our toys durable for play, but they also double as a physically and mentally stimulating way for pups to eat. The KONG Classic in particular is a fan-favorite, and can be filled with anything from peanut butter to frozen kibble. If you’re wanting to indulge your dog in a special treat that’s still good for them, stuff their KONG with one of these healthy recipes. 

  • 10 Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

    Ever been eating at the dinner table only to find your furry friend begging for scraps? While it can be harmful to feed them leftovers for a variet...
  • Dog Separation Anxiety: Prevention & Training

    Dog separation anxiety is when your furry friend becomes stressed in the absence of another individual or group. Being pack animals, and therefore highly social, dogs are prone to develop separation anxiety. 

  • How To Bring Your Outside Dog Inside

    The other day I was working with a wonderful golden retriever and his family. They dreamed of having him inside laying on the floor next to the Chr...