How my puppy saved my life

How my puppy saved my life

There are so many reasons we love dogs...their unique personalities, endless energy, joyful expressions and most of all, their unconditional love. It’s no surprise many dogs have been used for emotional support or therapy —their healing power is unlike any other. As part of the #KONGBoxCares movement, we’re committed to finding ways to help reach out to and support our community. A few months ago, we connected with K and her angel dog, Blue. After a difficult journey, K found Blue, who helped her work through past trauma and finally begin to heal. She shared her incredible story with us, and we’re proud to support her and Blue’s bright, courageous future. To join us, read the post below, share and if you would like to support K and Blue further, please visit their GoFundMe page here.


(Current State)


Lately I’ve been embracing the true me. Growing with boldness, grace, a lot of love, honesty and redemption. The best part is that I can dream again. I can plan for a future, and my future looks so bright.


When times get tough, and they do, I remember my dog Blue is waiting for me at the finish line. The transformation I am experiencing is amazing. The way God transforms is indescribable! I am digging deep into my hurts, into my past, and it is painful, but my heart is slowly healing. Even though this program is difficult, I am passionate about gaining independence and a solid foundation. This goal of mine is so alive and burning with passion that I overpass obstacles that could set me back.


(Let’s rewind)


“I’ve been a runaway since I was sixteen years old. Runaways are targets for bad people looking to exploit the vulnerable.  


I met my handler at a club I was working at. He was a good-looking guy with a great job, which I found out much later did not exist. I wasn’t taught much about what to look for in a man, so I wasn’t aware of all of the red flags that pointed towards him yelling, “Warning, warning, step away!” I didn’t know how wrong this all was with how vulnerable I was then. He convinced me to have sex for money, “If you’re going to have sex anyway, why not get paid?”. With so little to lose and so much to gain (or so I thought), why not?


The next six months with him were dreadful. I was raped, held at gunpoint and robbed of my money. I spent a solid three months taking showers curled up in the bathtub crying. I hated life. 


My cue to run again was when I almost got busted by the cops. I looked really shuffled when the cops found me. They questioned me, then put me into the hospital for some time. After being dismissed, I moved in with my mom. But the abuse I endured as a child started again. I felt so ashamed. So I packed a bag and left. I told her sorry. I couldn’t say anything else.


As the years passed, my emotional wounds were obvious and I continually  attracted the wrong crowd. I got deeper into drugs and became severely depressed. Hitting rock bottom, I had a panic attack. The walls around me started to cave in, with my head vibrating, I blacked out. The last thing I saw were my hands on the floor.


I woke up and heard a voice say, “It’s over. It’s done.” I waved the white flag of defeat that night and gave my life over to God. And from that moment on, my life has changed for the better.


Through a mutual acquaintance I knew, I met my fur baby, Blue. Around two in the morning on January 1, 2020, Blue was born. I helped his mother nurse and give birth to her nine puppies. Blue was the biggest of the pack. He looked like a giant bean. I fell in love with his mellow personality and his need for endless amounts of cuddles. 


Things didn’t become easier in my environment, but I definitely stayed sober, began to make progress towards healing, and searched for help. Blue was my motivator.


I applied to programs all over the country, searching for a place to restart and receive the help I needed. I reached out to a program called Eden’s Glory and was accepted! Eden’s Glory is a home that fortifies survivors of human trafficking by offering a place to come and heal for two years. They are a home where hearts, just like mine, are transformed and developed into masterpieces even better than ever before. I am six months in this life changing journey!


(Current State)


Blue is staying a few towns down from my residential home. All the girls here love him. I think he brings as much love to them as he brings me and that’s great because we all need some love.


I will be going back to school in Fall 2021 to continue my studies in social work. Blue will start training to be a therapy dog, so he can work alongside me. He is great with kids and they laugh at his dorky ways when he loves on them with kisses.


After graduating, my journey with God and healing will continue. My life with Blue will be amazing. I can’t wait to go on road trips, take long runs, watch cartoons, play tag and snuggle my little guy.


I raised this little bean with a lot of love, and he gave me all that love back and more. He gave me direction, became my best friend, proved to me that I can trust again and showed me true loyalty. I am going to give him the best life I can because I owe him big: he saved me.” - K


If you would like to support K and Blue on their journey to heal and to help heal others, you can do so by visiting their GoFundMe page here.

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