KONG Box: The Best Present Under the Tree This Year

KONG Box: The Best Present Under the Tree This Year

Gifts for you and your loved ones are under the tree. Everyone loves getting a present, including your pup. The right gift can make sure your dog feels the holiday spirit. And, if you haven’t seen a dog’s excitement at opening presents, then you owe it to yourself to see it in-person. Instead of getting another generic toy, wouldn’t you love to give your pup a more personalized treat? Perhaps, something that speaks to their tastes, interests, and needs. This year put a KONG Box under the tree, and see why it’s an excellent gift for the special dog in your life.

 Why KONG Box?

The saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” also applies to Jack Russells, as well as all other canines. Dogs need play, and finding the right way to facilitate that need can be tricky. The wrong toy can make a mess or not entertain your dog at all. And, if your dog likes to play a little rough, then something durable is needed to keep up with their tugs and gnaws. The right toy that fits their play type ensures they’re getting the most out of their toy.

Your dog’s age and size are also factors in determining the right toy for them. A younger dog needs toys that stimulate their mind and their growing teeth, while older dogs need toys that won’t damage their teeth. Age also affects the types of treats they can have. You should also consider the size of your dog. Any toys you get them should be appropriate for their size. So, while it would be hilarious to see a small dog carry an over-sized plush bear in its mouth, it's probably impractical.

Taking into account age, size, and play-type of dog toys makes getting your dog a gift a little tricky. This is why KONG Box is the perfect gift for your pup. While they’ll get multiple toys as a gift, KONG Boxes are specifically customized to the needs of your dog. When gifting a KONG Box, an owner can set up a dog profile to help ensure the box is personalized to their needs and wants. When your dog opens the box, everything will be perfect. As a bonus, KONG Boxes can also address any behavioral issues your dog is currently facing. 

KONG Box Solutions

You can design each box to address specific concerns you may have about your dog. From chewing to barking, KONG Box delivers toys that address your dog’s needs and can even change their behaviors. This can include items designed to help them feel more at home or enjoy a day of play while you’re away. See for yourself:

  • The Teething Box helps growing pups gnaw on their toys instead of your shoes.
  • The Barking Solution Box offers toys and tips designed to help your dog express themselves in a healthy, less excessive way.
  • If you’re crate training, you can use our Crate Training Box to help your puppy create a positive association with the crate.
  • Exercise and play can help your dog lose weight, but so can healthy recipes and diet. Our Weight Solution Box works to help your dog lose weight. 

Gifting a KONG Box

Giving a KONG Box to your dog-owning loved one is just as easy as getting one for yourself. Fill out the basic information about the pup and then send them whatever you choose. We’ll get any specific details to ensure the box is perfectly personalized for the dog and the owner. However, if you want to make it even easier, you can send them a gift code and let the owner and dog do all the heavy lifting. 

Regardless of how you go about giving the gift of KONG Box, the thought and appreciation are what truly counts. Dogs get to join in on the family fun of gift-giving when they get a KONG Box. The best part? It’s already in a box, making it exceptionally easy to wrap and put in a stocking.

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