• What Makes A Crate Great - Crate Training Your Dog - The Right Way

    What’s the deal with dog crates? Why does everyone recommend them? 

    Dog crates are an easy and effective way to keep your dog confined while you are training them. For their own safety - and your sanity - dogs in training need to be confined or supervised at all times. 

  • How To Bring Your Outside Dog Inside

    The other day I was working with a wonderful golden retriever and his family. They dreamed of having him inside laying on the floor next to the Chr...
  • How to Crate Train Your Dog

    For a lot of different reasons, crating your dog is a good idea. It keeps your furry friend safe when you’re not home, it gives you peace of mind that it’s not going to destroy your home every time you leave the house and it gives your dog a place to call his or her own, which is important within a family setting.