• How to Stop Your Dog from Play Biting

    Feel like you are your puppy’s pin cushion? Kids afraid of the new puppy? You are not alone. 

    Puppy play biting is very common. It’s what puppies do. It’s actually a good thing to do - believe it or not. Puppy play biting actually gives us the opportunity to teach them “bite inhibition”. 

  • Dog Teething – Ideas To Make It Easier for Dogs and Their Humans

    Your little furry friend has come home and your entire family is euphoric. It’s a beautiful dog, it’s full of life, it’s patient with everyone, it’s incredibly playful… everything seems to be going well. It’s even learning to go outside when nature calls! It’s all falling into place – you’ve established a routine, you’re teaching your new family member commands and how to walk on a leash, and you’re starting to feel like you’ve got this whole “raising a dog” think pretty nailed down.

  • How To Solve Your Dog's Chewing Problem

    Most dog owners have been there: You come home or walk into a room you haven’t been in for awhile and find that something has – or multiple things have – been chewed into oblivion. 
  • Choosing the Best Dog Treats for Your Furry Friend

    Do you know what kind of treats are best for your four-legged friend? Learn about the different types of dog treats and how to pick the best ones for your pup!