Which KONG Box? A Trainers Perspective

Which KONG Box? A Trainers Perspective
Each of our dogs are different; they have unique personalities, diverse traits and deserve all our love... AND they deserve a box of toys catered to them and their specific likes. But a lot of dogs have similar innate desires like chewing, digging, and playing. Luckily, KONG Box has you covered! No matter what your dog enjoys most, KONG Box has a variety of boxes specializing in the needs of your specific dog. 
Deciding which box to try can be overwhelming so to help ensure your pup gets the right toys for them, I am going over each box to help you find the best fit for your best friend!

Chewing Box - Dogs chew for many reasons; it’s how they let out their frustrations. They may be bored and give themselves a job, it might just feel good or they simply don’t know what is appropriate to chew. If you have a dog that simply enjoys the act of chewing, this box is for your pup! Dogs have an instinct to chew and this box will give your dog the right tools, so they learn to chew appropriate toys and not your house. 

Learn more about the Chewing Solution Box


Boredom Box- All dogs require both mental and physical stimulation. Mental stimulation is using their minds to think, such as puzzles, training, etc. This is like when your kids come home exhausted after a long day at school. Physical stimulation is physical exercise, playing fetch, going for walks, etc. Dogs need BOTH! Just physical exercise isn’t enough - no matter the size or age of your dog.


If your dog isn’t getting enough of either, a lot of destructive behaviors come out, such as chewing, digging, and barking. The Boredom Box is filled with specific toys to provide both physical and mental exercise, keeping your pup both busy and happy. 

 Learn more about the Boredom Solution Box


Separation Anxiety Box - Separation anxiety is extremely common. It’s the stress and anxiety your pet feels when you leave them alone. While it’s nice they love us so much, this isn’t healthy for them and we don’t want our pets stressed out. Separation anxiety often shows up in forms of barking, pacing, crying, and chewing inappropriate items when left alone. 


This KONG Box is tailored to dogs that have separation anxiety, featuring toys to help distract your pup during those initial 20 minutes when stress is often at its highest. By keeping our pets distracted during this time and using toys they can chew on, they can let out that stress and feel more secure and confident when you aren’t around.

Learn more about the Separation Anxiety Solution Box


Teething Box - It starts as play. It’s what puppies do with each other. It’s what puppies do with just about everything they encounter. They bite and chew. Puppies have sharp tiny teeth that feel like piranha bites, so it doesn’t feel so cute when they use you as a teething ring. The Teething Box is filled with toys that help alleviate that need to chew, while soothing them too. If that sounds nice, your puppy chewing toys they should be instead of your hands, then this is the perfect box for you.

Learn more about the Teething Solution Box


Digging & Barking Box - Digging and barking might be annoying, but we need to remember these are natural instincts and desires for our dogs. To them, it feels good and they enjoy it. If your dog runs in the yard to dig or barks for fun, this box provides toys and tools that help your dog express these desires appropriately in a healthy and appropriate way.

Learn more about the Digging & Barking Solution Box


Crate Training Box - To understand why crate-training is so great, you have to look at it from the dog’s point of view. Dogs love dens. A dog likes to have a safe, personal space where they can curl up and fall into a very sound sleep. If you didn’t give your dog a crate, he or she would create their own ‘den’ somewhere else in the house or yard. A crate is just like a favorite chair or under the bed or anywhere else that a dog feels safe enough to close his eyes and dream. And a crate is better, because it’s the dog’s own space; you might like to save your furniture for the humans in the household. Dogs who are crate trained generally potty train faster, have less anxiety and enjoy this safe spot when things become too much (like that big dinner party or fireworks). I often think I could use a crate too for myself.


This KONG Box is filled with toys to help your pup acclimate to their crate during crate training, creating a very positive association with it. The toys and treats inside will keep your pet occupied, while also providing that sense of security that they'll feel when they enter their crate.

Learn more about the Crate Training Solution Box


Weight Management Box - You’re probably familiar with the expression to ‘wolf down’ food. This saying is an old one – it goes back hundreds of years, at least – and even though few of us have ever seen an actual wolf, we all know it means to eat ravenously, at an alarming speed. Wait. Is this starting to sound like we’re talking about your dog?


Some dogs are much more excited about food than others and could use a little help to keep those extra pounds off. We want our pets to live long, happy and healthy lives and your pets' weight is a huge part of that.


This solution box is filled with toys that keep your pet engaged, moving and eating slower. As well as sharing healthy recipes your pup will be running in circles for. If your pet is looking to stay fit or shed a few pounds, this box is for your dog.

Learn more about the Weight Management Solution Box


With all of that said, no matter what box you choose, I'm sure your pup will love it! Keep in mind, as your dog grows, KONG Box can grow too! Feel free to change up your preferences and try different themes as your dog changes and develops new interests. I hope this helps make your decision a little easier. Now, time to let your dog play.

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By Nicole Ellis, Certified Animal Trainer & Pet Lifestyle Expert 

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