Which KONG Box is Right for Your Dog's Play Type?

Which KONG Box is Right for Your Dog's Play Type?

A dog’s playtime should be hassle-free and filled with fun. But every dog plays a little bit differently. For some, playtime needs to be nutritious and delicious. For others, playtime is all about a good chew. 

From an owner’s perspective, playtime should be safe, easy on the bank account and hopefully promoting healthy habits. Regardless of how your pup plays, KONG Box can suit his or her needs and play style. Within each box are a variety of toys that take into account a dog’s size and how they chew, providing specific solutions for playtime.

Discover how your dog prefers to play to choose the right dog box for the next time your canine companion wants to have fun.

Tuggers and Chewers

For dogs that love to tug and chew, teeth are important tools. That’s why the dog teething solution box is perfect for these cuties. When your dog loves to chew and tug on toys, you need to give her toys that can stand to be gnawed but also protect those teeth. The toys, tips, and treats in the teething box are designed to last, so they can keep up with your pup’s play and keep him away from chewing on your shoes.

Included in this box are:

  • KONG Binkies and other toys made with a safe and durable rubber
  • Dental care tips and solutions


The cheerleader dog loves to run with the group but doesn’t necessarily need to join the action. This type of dog wants to be heard, so during playtime will bark in excitement. Yes, dogs always bark, but for cheerleader types, it’s doubly true. While you can’t and shouldn’t stop the barking, you can help manage it with the Barking Solution Box.

Included in this box are:

  • Toys designed to let a dog bark in a healthy manner
  • Helpful resources focused on managing excessive barking 
  • Treats to reward good behavior and reinforce positive habits 

Self-Play and Soft Touch

Dogs that love their personal space and me-time and are content with sometimes playing alone or just with you are an ideal fit for the Crate Training Box. Crate training requires toys that can keep a dog’s attention while the owner is away and make her feel safe inside a crate. So if your pup is a lone wolf or just really only likes to hang with you, this box has you covered.

Included in this box are:

  • Toys that help develop a positive association with a crate
  • Treats to reward good behavior
  • Tips and guides on crate training


Some dogs just love to play. Period. These dogs can adapt to whatever rules surround them. Your dog may change his playstyle to match a situation or another dog. These always-on players can find themselves bored without constant entertainment. That’s where the Boredom Solution Box comes in handy. With toys designed to provide mental and physical stimulation, this box is perfect for pets who love to play all day.

Included in this box are:

  • Puzzle toys to keep body and brain occupied
  • Expert tips on stimulating a bored dog
  • Tasty treats to help with skills and trick training


As dogs age, playtime naturally becomes less strenuous and active over time. This means that health and nutrition become more important for your furry friend as they are likely not burning off as many calories during playtime. This makes the Weight Management Box a perfect solution. Encourage easy play and fun while also promoting nutrition with this box to keep your senior dog happy and healthy for more years to come.

Included in this box are:

  • Recipes you can make that are healthy and delicious
  • Toys designed to increase exercise 
  • Tips from dog health and weight management experts

Playtime is a great time for you and your dog to bond. It’s also a great opportunity for your dog to socialize. Understanding how your dog plays can help you figure out which KONG Box will have him wagging his tail with excitement come every playtime.

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  • I love Kong toys I have had them thru 6 generations of dogs


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