Dogs Need to Play

  • Identifying the Differences Between Dog Play and Aggression

    While socialization is vital for puppies, horseplay can quickly escalate. Before a playdate gets out of hand, learn how to identify the signs of aggression.
  • Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

    Bringing your dog to work can be an easy and effortless process with the right treats and toys. Learn how you can make the office feel more like home for your pup.
  • Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month with KONG Box

    Well-behaved pups are happier, more confident, and closer to their owners. To celebrate National Train Your Dog Month, learn the importance of training your dog.
  • Playtime: A New Year's Resolution Worth Keeping

    As you settle into the new year, make a resolution that will benefit both you and your dog. See our ideas on how to include more playtime into your daily routine.
  • Playtime is a Necessity, Not a Luxury for Dogs

    While games are enjoyable for dogs and humans alike, they’re more crucial than you think. Playing with your pup has great benefits, including physical health and bonding.
  • KONG Box: The Best Present Under the Tree This Year

    Christmas shopping is exhausting but the good news is getting your dog a present can be exceptionally easy. Especially when you give them a personalized KONG Box.
  • How to Keep your Dog Calm and Comfortable During the Hectic Holiday Season

    The holidays are here and your pup is just as excited as you. Explore some tips and tricks to keep your dog calm and happy this holiday season.
  • Which KONG Box is Right for Your Dog's Play Type?

    Is your dog a chewer or a cheerleader at playtime? Figuring out your dog's play style can help you decide which KONG Box will be right for your pet.
  • Playtime Never Has to End with KONG Box Durable Toys

    Stop living in a graveyard of destroyed toys. Learn how KONG Box can keep playtime going for your dog with its durable dog toys for chewers.
  • KONG Classic Stuffing Recipes and Training Tips for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is here and it's not only a feast for us, but can also be a feast for your dog. See how you can stuff your dog’s KONG with safe seasonal recipes.